They Cry By Night (2020) 44 mins

Starring: Yani Monzon, Charles Dustin Sammann, Leah Woodruff, Kevin Zansler, Christi Wiltenburg, David Salone, Amon Bofie Tlhalerwa II, Amy Sheridan, Wes Sheridan, Renie Haiduk, Zach Taylor, Jay Resinger, Lisa Cates



When a vacation goes awry, Carlos and Antonia are forced to stay in the state of New Mexico due to obtuse and bureaucratic new laws dictated by the federal government. Meanwhile, a serial killer, dressed vaguely as a leopard stalks the city of Santa Fe, looking for new victims.

Bored, broke, and scarred, navigating the winter in the sleepy southwestern town presents more of a challenge than they ever expected.

Loosely based on Jacques Tourneur's 1943 horror film The Leopard Man, They Cry by Night abstracts the original thriller on the horrors of Spanish/American colonialism into a portrait of 21st century Santa Fe, complete with angsty millennials, economic anxiety, and failed revolution.